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  • Develop Letter of Understanding

  • Develop Design Contract and Comparative Remodeling Analysis



  • Survey / Variance / Engineering

  • Site Measure

  • Develop Plan of Existing Conditions

  • Conceptual Drafts

  • Product Selections

  • Draft Design Document



  • Subcontractor Walkthrough

  • Update Plans & Specifications

  • Develop Contract



  • Preconstruction Walkthrough

  • Update Plans (if needed)

  • Construction

  • Final Walkthrough

The Process

Crafting cozy, unforgettable, and uplifting spaces that unite families in harmony

Our award-winning design and build services make home renovation simpler. We can transform your space into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional area you and your family will love spending time in.

Explore (4 – 5 Weeks)

Revamping your living space sparks excitement, while navigating the uncharted territory could be daunting. Fear not; we’re here to dispel the uncertainty by addressing your every inquiry.

Get ready for a fun and interactive session discussing your project, as our sales team will come to your home for a personalized experience.

Explore our captivating website, dive into genuine online reviews, and unlock our pricing treasure map to discover if we’re the perfect match for your thrilling project.

You approve the proposal from our sales team regarding your home renovation.

If you are interested in financing, we can recommend several banks. For more information, please contact us, and we will connect you with one of our partners.

Design (8 – 12 Weeks)

Upon signing the design agreement, our design team will visit your home to discuss your vision for the space. They will take measurements and photos and start designing your home’s renovation.

Viewing your design through sketches, architectural elevations, and 3D rendering software will give you a complete look of your design.

Using sketches, architectural elevations and 3D rendering software, you will be able to review your design in several different ways.

Refine (3-5 Weeks)

As our team dives into the heart of the project, they’re expertly navigating the world of code compliance, mingling with trade masters in plumbing, electricity, HVAC, and masonry, and lining up all essential documents, forging a clear path for construction to commence.

Your designer will help you pick out the perfect materials and finishes in our showroom in Essex, so you can clearly see how it will all look in your space. You’ll see cabinets, tile, flooring, and paint all together.

In the end, come to our office for the last time and we’ll present you with the final proposal. This will have a fixed-price bid, including a comprehensive scope of work.

With an incredibly low rate of change orders, we’ll provide you with an outstanding product from the start. The build phase can begin if you’re pleased with what you’ve seen.

Build (10 – 28 Weeks)

Immediately upon signing the build contract and paying your deposit, you will meet our Construction Manager and the Superintendent who will oversee your project and discuss the start date.

Warranty Phase

Your dream makeover is now finished, and you can get ready to enjoy the new spaces. Rest assured that from when our carpenters come in when you bid them farewell, craftsmanship and quality carpentry are guaranteed. Plus, with our 5-year warranty, you have the confidence that any issue will be covered.