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The Process

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Creating personal and inspired spaces for families to enjoy.

Our award-winning design and build services make your home renovation simpler. We can transform your space into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional area you and your family will love spending time in.

Explore (4 – 5 Weeks)

Revamping your living space sparks excitement, while navigating the uncharted territory can be daunting. Fear not; we engineered our processes to take the risk out of remodels!

Get ready for a fun walkthrough discussing your project, as our team will come to your home to explore your concept.

Explore our captivating website, dive into online reviews, and unlock our pricing treasure map to discover if we’re the perfect match for your thrilling project.

Make an informed decision when we review similar past project costs with you.

Design (90 - 120 Days)

When you begin working with us in the Design Phase you can expect our team of 3 to 5 to visit your home, as partners in your renovation there will be many conversations with us about your vision for your new space and our team of Designers, Architects, and Estimators will be collaborating on every detail of your project from budget to feasibility.

Picking fixtures and finishes is an overwhelming process! That’s why your interior designer will work with you step by step to pick these finishes for you. You’ll see cabinets, tile, flooring, and paint all together.

With tradepartner walk throughs completed, and all selections chosen for your project, we meet one last time to review your projects design and budget.

With an incredibly low rate of change orders, we’ll provide you with an outstanding product from the start.

Build (10 – 28 Weeks)

From demo to cabinets to the final walk through, our goal is to tear down only when we are able to put your space back together as quickly as possible. That being said, your home will become an active construction site for as long as it takes to bring your plans from the Design Phase to life.

How is the building process with Craft Design + Build different? We utilize a specialized client dashboard where you can review the schedule anytime you want, and receive our *daily* progress photos and jobsite updates from your dedicated Project Manager. We believe our tendency towards over-communication is good thing.