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What To Expect

Thinking of tackling a major home renovation project?

Embarking on a major renovation journey? Let us be your guide! Our thrilling trilogy of videos will reveal the mystique of the Design Phase, unravel the enigma of Pre-Construction, and get you ready to ride the rollercoaster of the Construction Phase. Buckle up and get ready for an epic renovation adventure.

What to Expect in the Design Phase

When you kick off the Design Phase with us, you can expect our team of 3 to 5 to visit your home. As partners in your renovation, there will be plenty of conversations around your vision for your new space. Our team of Designers, Architects, and Estimators will work together on every detail of your project – from budget to feasibility.

What to Expect in the Pre-Construction (Pre-Con) Phase

As your project evolves from the realm of design to the thrilling world of pre-construction, prepare for a seamless transition with our expert Construction Team by your side. Your dedicated Project Manager will be your trusty compass, navigating you through the vital decisions that ensure your renovation story unfolds smoothly for you and your family.

What to Expect in the Construction Phase

Striving to get the work done as fast as possible, from demolition to cabinet installation to the final inspection – our goal is to rebuild your space as soon as possible. Understandably, your home will become a construction site for however long it takes to execute plans from the Design Phase.