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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces Contractors in Essex, CT

Immerse yourself in the tranquil oasis of your dreams with a stunning outdoor living space, transforming your home’s exterior into a restful haven from life’s daily chaos. Trust the skillful artisans at Craft Design & Build, Essex, CT, to deliver a bespoke paradise, be it a cozy patio, an inviting deck, a crackling fire pit, or enchanting landscaping. Your sanctuary, tailored to your every wish, awaits!

Professional Outdoor Living Space Solutions and Services

Elevate your outdoor living game and curate an extraordinary experience handcrafted just for you! Our skilled squad delves deep into realizing your dreams, combining fabulous designs, practical solutions, and expertise in landscape and hardscaping to create that perfect haven. Transform the mundane to the magical and breathe life into your visions with us.

Let us help you unlock the potential of your outdoor living space today.

Create a Cooking Oasis with an Outdoor Kitchen

Unleash your culinary genius in an enchanting outdoor kitchen designed by seasoned experts who carefully bring your vision to life. Together, let’s construct a mesmerizing culinary oasis where delightful feasts can be relished amidst nature’s beauty, making it irresistible to ever step away.

Elevate your backyard barbecue experience with our bespoke outdoor kitchens. Tailor-made to suit your needs and budget, our professional-grade setups include grills, utensils, food prep areas, and more. Perfect for special occasions like graduations, wedding receptions, or simply jazzing up any weekday evening, our outdoor kitchen services are your ticket to a sizzling social event.

Bring Warmth and Style to Your Home with Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Ignite the allure of your outdoor haven with an exquisite fire pit or fireplace tailored to your home’s essence. Our virtuosos will guide you in unearthing the ideal design and dimensions, seamlessly orchestrating your vision into reality. Revel in the radiant embrace of an open flame throughout the seasons, securely woven into your al fresco paradise. Entrust us to craft that perfect ambiance for unforgettable gatherings, soirees, or meditative retreats under the stars.

Bring the Joy of Eating Outdoors with a Beautiful Outdoor Dining Space

With our professional services, you can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor dining space without any hassles. We provide installation for furniture and fixtures that promote safety and comfort in your outdoor area. You’ll be able to entertain family and friends or easily host corporate events. We also comply with regulations, so you can rest assured that your space is secure. Enjoy the beauty of nature and make wonderful memories in your custom-designed outdoor dining space.

With our custom-designed outdoor dining spaces, restaurants can maximize their settings. Our services help create a unique and enjoyable guest atmosphere that maximizes revenue opportunities. We provide everything from furniture to fixtures, giving you the perfect setup for your intimate outdoor dining experience. Take advantage of our customized solutions and let us make your restaurant stand out from the competition.

Discover the beauty and perks of outdoor dining! Businesses can amp up their charm, create unforgettable moments for patrons, and even boost their seating capacity for a win-win situation.

Craft Design & Build Process for Outdoor Living Space Installations

We know that your dream space is as unique as you are, and our expert team is ready to join forces with you on an adventure to create the perfect design that fits your individual needs and wallet. Let’s embark on this spectacular journey together, step by step.


Welcome to Craft Design & Build – your ultimate destination for one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces! Our team of seasoned experts collaborates with you, transforming your unique vision into reality through personalized plans and designs. Dive into the adventure of using state-of-the-art technology and materials that guarantee flawless installation, making your outdoor oasis exceptional.

Prepare for an exciting brainstorming session as we dive into your project’s grand design, decode the timeline mystery, and tackle any burning questions or concerns. This fun meet-and-greet is our chance to blend minds, stir the creativity pot, and guarantee your vision’s magical transformation into reality.


Once you have decided on the overall concept for your outdoor living space project, our designers will create a unique plan and design tailored to those needs. We use only the highest quality materials and techniques while staying committed to budget-friendly solutions whenever possible. Our experienced designers are passionate about finding creative ways to realize your vision.


After finalizing the design, our Craft Builders will begin constructing your outdoor living space installation according to the specifications provided by our designers. Our team takes extreme pride in their workmanship and attention to detail, ensuring a beautiful end result that will exceed all expectations. We use only top-of-the-line materials and techniques which guarantee durability even against potential weathering effects over time.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your outdoor living space looking great for many years. We offer complete maintenance packages tailored to suit any budget or lifestyle. Our experienced staff will be able to discuss the best options for preserving your outdoor living space’s health and beauty to ensure it looks its best no matter what the weather may bring.

Discover the Benefits of Working With Craft Design & Build

Craft Design & Build utilizes the latest technology and materials to ensure that every installation is finished exactly how you envision it. Explore custom maintenance plans tailored to suit your budget and way of life, as we revamp your outdoor sanctuary with innovative materials and methods, guaranteeing enduring allure and enchantment!

Transform your outdoor space into the perfect outdoor living room this season. With inviting outdoor furniture, an outdoor fireplace, a cozy dining table and outdoor bar, an indoor space with cushioned furniture, a comfortable seating area, an inviting dining room and even a hot tub — you can create an intimate space, a stylish oasis right in your own backyard. Bring the outdoors in with patio furniture set for dining or relaxing, and enjoy the fresh air as you host friends and family for dinner or drinks around your inviting outdoor space.